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Recent research from Xylem has revealed significant opportunities for the global wastewater market to substantially cut its electricity-related emissions. Kieran Gagg, Transport Growth Centre Manager Western Region at Xylem, examines some of the areas where savings can be most rapidly achieved. ...
Posted 15 December 2016 by Alan Burrows
Amber Carpenter, product specialist at Commercial Industrial Supply, explains why preventative maintenance plan is crucial to water treatment systems Your water treatment system has a dirty job — probably the dirtiest in your facility. It’s tough, important work, and that means ...
Posted 30 June 2015 by Alan Burrows
Dave Brockway writes: This past summer it became obvious that it was time to replace 13 rotting windows in my house. Four companies came out to assess my situation and submit a quote. All the sales representatives knew their products well. All presented me with a final quotation and brochure before ...
Posted 08 October 2014 by Alan Burrows
Content was written by Amanda Hill, content manager for Commercial Industrial Supply. The idea of reusing wastewater is not a new one. For decades governments and environmentalists have been pushing the idea of treating wastewater for other uses. In some instances, treated wastewater has been accep ...
Posted 16 December 2013 by Alan Burrows
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